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Supporting traditional craftsmanship

Mattocenter has been a specialized rug merchant for more than four decades. We are committed to working responsibly and supporting the preservation of traditional craftsmanship that has been practiced in the old rug regions for thousands of years.

The production of traditional hand-knotted rugs requires special skill and an extraordinary amount of time. It might take several years to finish a rug with a high knot density. However, we believe that the unique imprint of human hands add to the value of the rug – and it is something a machine can never imitate. Therefore, we consider it important that the culture and expertise of traditional rug regions is fostered and carried on from one generation to the next.

Hand-made rugs often come with small imperfections simply because they are made by hand. Just like in art, these unique variations increase the value and character of the piece.

In addition to giving a rug a sympathetic nature, the asymmetrical shape of the rug often reflects the conditions the piece was made in. The nomadic rugs, for example, are often made using a simple loom that is laid on the floor horizontally, which makes it impossible to have perfect control over the shape of the rug and its patterning.

All Mattocenter carpets are hand-picked, and as we have been collaborating with the world's finest rug manufacturers for decades, we can guarantee the high quality of our selection.

Natural materials last in style and quality

When selecting rugs, our focus is on premium natural materials, mainly wool which, thanks to its superior natural properties and low processing, is one of the most durable and sustainable of all available materials. Wool naturally repels dirt and cleanses itself in fresh air. To freshen woollen textiles, it is often enough simply to dust and air them.

Along with wool, we carry rugs and home accessories made of other natural fibers such as silk, cotton and hemp. In very few cases, a man-made material, such as viscose, has been used.

Increasing awareness increases responsibility and transparency

The rug production conditions have improved dramatically over the last couple of decades. In the past, child labor was a common in the workshops and villages where hand-knotted rugs were produced, but increased awareness among consumers has led to a positive change towards a new culture, free of child labor.

Along with the change in general atmosphere, monitoring of workshops and production sites has increased. Although a global control and certification system does not yet exist, a growing part of our rugs come with a fair trade classification, such as Step Fair Trade Carpets or Care & Fair labeling.

Above all, we wish to offer our customers a unique selection of handmade rugs and textiles that celebrate the fine textile tradition and support the wellbeing of the individuals, families and tribes who make them.  

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